Talladega Nights

Like Cal Naughton Jr. on Talladega Nights, “He was fourth overall, now he’s third!” Don’t know all the details about how Duke and Lora moved up, just know that I got a call from OYE Sunday afternoon to make sure that Duke would be there for the grand finale. Luckily, we were already in the city when they called. It isn’t how I wanted to end up in the top 3, but I guess this was the best for everybody. Being very competitive, we would have rather it be done in the ring. This wasn’t a fun deal on our side. Neither Lora or Duke were happy about it. It took thunder away from these kids as well as the young kid that held on to the goat that was DQ’ed. The best thing about this ordeal is that Darci Peach got to move up from 1st alternate and into the sale.

Well, we finally got a much needed widespread rain. This rain will cure a lot of problems out west. We have empty wether barn pens right now. Won’t be long and the search will begin again.

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