Talladega Nights

      I’ve got more good friends than the law should allow.  Like Ricky Bobby in Tallagega Nights, I’ve got friends, like Cal Naughton Jr. that would help put out the “imaginary” fire.  There is a not-so-old proverb about a “good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting in the cell next to you saying “Damn!  That was fun!”  I have some of those kind of friends also.  Better yet, I have a couple, that would be smart enough to stay back and help me clean up the mess later.  

      This livestock deal will make you find your best friends and those that are just along for the ride.   There are some that just want your help–regardless of cost.  There are those that understand that money doesn’t necessarilly turn one on.  Then there are those that truly become friends.  When there is a problem, two things are consistent, the common denominators that get in the way–money or ideallogy.  Money, which, in my mental midget mind, is the easiest thing to handle.  If it is a dollar issue, well then, it is easy to fix.  If it is an idealogical issue, well, money doesn’t fix that.  

       I consistently get asked, “Why do you have partners on bucks?”  I can answer this question very simply.  Numbers.  I don’t have enough doe numbers to justify owning the caliber of bucks that I like.  Therefore, I like to partner with like-minded people.  It takes numbers to prove a buck.  So, therefore, I partner.  Maybe, I shouldn’t.  

       I don’t put hardly any stipulations on those that partner on bucks with me.  I just expect to be treated fairly.  I hardly ever care what they do with the doe kids.  The wether kids, that’s a different story.  If they want to sell out from under me that is fine.  Let those buyers find their next buck for them.  I pay more than fair prices.  I very rarely whine.  If the kids look the part, no whine at all.  Plus, we get results, year after year.  

      We normally feed wethers that are bred very similar to the bucks we are using.  I plan on continuing that path.  I like to buy wethers privately and I like to sell them privately as it is easier for everybody involved.  Get the good ones into good hands for a fair price and be done.  Sure, some breeders would get more at auction, some wouldn’t,  but they all get a guarantee that they will get fed and shown properly.  In turn, they get results.  That, my friends is worth a pile.  

      Sometimes, it would be easier if I only bought for Duke.  I’d just by a couple of wethers (and would gladly overpay to not have to eff-around)  and keep 3 or 4 wethers that we raised.  I wouldn’t spend near the gas, motels, food, tickets, etc. that I do now.  If I saw a buck I liked.  Well, I’d just keep it to myself. It would just be easier.  I don’t need to buy for numerous kids.  I am happy getting serious about one.  Sometimes, you just need to mind the gap.  I don’t owe anybody much, if anything at all.  

      It is a challenge trying to raise goats, help others raise goats, buying goats and helping others show goats.  I don’t need to do it any of it.  I like to help others but I don’t have to.  I don’t need partners on bucks.  It is difficult trying to decide where to look for wethers or should we just keep what we raise–or both?  I sometimes buy from some, just to help them out.  Sometimes, they don’t realize that and it causes problems later.  Building a herd in a year or two is hard to do–regardless of cash.  I don’t care how big a breeder, they will all tell you that it takes genetics and feeders/showmen.  You can buy genetics, but it is hard to come up with the truly proven feeders/showmen.

      It is sprinkling on this fine evening.  Not enough to help, but at least it smells good.  There is a chance for more tomorrow.  It probably won’t.

   But, maybe, just maybe….