T Time

     Busy weekend.  We managed to dodge another rain shower.  It is dry here in paradise.  Now, it is time to head to Tulsa for the Tulsa State Fair. I am already looking forward to this week being over.  We aren’t taking much to Tulsa.  Duke is staying home.  I wish that we could reverse the roles–he go to Tulsa and I stay home. I’ll actually spend more time in the sheep and cattle barns than I will the goat barn.  We’ve already had a decent Tulsa State Fair.  The kids won a couple of Ag Mechanics divisions and another student won the FFA news reporting class.  

Congrats to the Shattuck Lady Indidans softball team as they once again made it to the state tournament in softball.  However, this does kind of keep us from judging livestock this Thursday as six of the girls that judge also play softball.  The joys of a small school.  

I’m sure that we will see some good stock this week.  I bet that I eat more than once at Tally’s Cafe. The Banners and Backdrops is sale is just around the corner once Tulsa is done.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.