This word has become increasingly popular in our everyday lingo.   Sync used to just mean that things were working in synchronization.  Presently, one can sync their phone with their vehicle, computer, speaker, refrigerator, whatever you need to hook up to, it can be done.

Remember when it was a big deal when a major artist was caught lip-syncing?

In the livestock world, sync normally means getting females to have their estrous cycle at a given time.  There are numerous tools, drugs and protocols that can work to get a given female to come into heat.  I have used several of them.

I know that I am going to get several replies as to what people do for their goats and why this or that has always worked for them.  Great.  But, presently, my dear, I don’t care.  Because I can tell you what is NOT working.

That would be the 2 shot lutalyse protocol.  This is where you give a doe 2 ccs of lut IM (that would be IntraMuscular).  Then 11 days later give her another IM shot of 2ccs of lut.  Then you cross your fingers and hope that the doe comes into heat with the next 48 hours.

I have used this protocol in year’s past.  Like a lot of years ago.  I know breeders that use it and it can work.  It doesn’t work for me.  And since I decided to do some outside breedings, it dang sure isn’t working for me.

Why?   In the past 3 weeks, 3 different customers have brought does to be bred that used the 2 shot lut protocol.  NONE, ZERO, NADAONEOFEM has been in heat.  I’m talking from 1, 2 or 5 does.  NONE were hot to trot.  We will get them bred but the price has definitely gone up.  Why?  One–I now have to spend WAY more time monitoring for a heat cycle.  And/Or now have to use a CIDR protocol to get them in heat.  Two–the only thing better than dealing with female goats is dealing with other people’s female goats.

I recently had a discussion with a Livestock Legend about syncing livestock females that pointed out a valid point about the injections.  You may or may not be injecting the drugs into muscles and therefore, the blood-stream.  In the neck, where IM injections should be placed, there is a high probability of hitting a fat pocket.  This could take days for the drugs to make it into the bloodstream.  Hunh?  Makes sense to me.

A person could argue that maybe the Lutalyse was out-of-date, exposed to sunlight, turned upside down. IDK? Doubt it.   Three different parties sharing the same bottle like some kind of bong?  I highly doubt it.

However, the ones that used a CIDR?  Well, lots of tail wagging, discharge, happy bucks that discharged numerous times, satisfied does with arched backs and a way happier goat herder.

You may now be asking, well sir, what protocol do you use?

Here at Kelln Livestock, a doe is given a 2 cc IM injection of Lutalyse.  And we keep our lut in the fridge.  Not freezer, just chilled.  Then a CIDR is placed in the appropriate place.  The whole process is easy.  I can tell you that it WAS easier last year when I had a Duke to help.  But, I have learned to do it all by myself.  And no, I don’t let any female help.  I don’t want them near these drugs or CIDRs.

We leave the CIDR in place for at least 7 days.  You can leave it longer if need be.   If I put CIDRs in 10 does, I will then pull a couple of CIDRs on day 7, a couple more on day 8 and a couple more on day 9.  That means the bucks are nailing tail at a rate of a couple does per day for several days.  Occasionally, I miss pulling a CIDR until day 12ish and then….well, they come in real hot.  And not every female is going to cycle in exactly the same time frame.  But, this protocol staggers their cycle and has a higher probability of inducing estrous.  Perfect–no. Here’s why this is more apt to work.  The shot of lut cleared the timer on the clock.  The CIDR is keeping anything from happening.  And nothing will happen until the CIDR is pulled.  You kind of get some input as to the time that the heat happens.

Now, if I am only breeding one or two does and I dang sure need them to come in heat, I add a shot of PG600–1 cc–IM at the time of pulling the CIDR.

      Let us put this in a timely context that fits RIGHT NOW!  (great Van Hagar song)   Normally, there are only two (2) times in any given year that I set a clock.  And that would be Fall Back and Spring Forward–you know, that government sponsored bullshit called Daylight Savings Time.  The rest of the year, I don’t need to wind that watch.  However, I set an alarm numerous times to go off at a given time.  The CIDR is the alarm clock.  The PG600 is the snooze button.  

Anybody that has flushed or AIed goats understands that it is NOT an exact science.  Every vet/technician has a different protocol on syncing doe estrous.  However, I can tell you this for certain–ALL of them use a CIDR and NONE of them use a 2 shot Lut protocol.  So, why are some trying to use this 2 shot lut deal?

Little Johnny has his hand up.   OOOOOHHHH!!!   OOOOHHHH!! Ask me!!!

Yes, Johnny.  Please keep it clean.

They don’t like spooge juice.   (Damn auto-correct tried to change it to sponge.  It is SPOOGE!)

Yes, Johnny, you would be correct.

At this point, anybody that has ever pulled a CIDR out of a goat, sheep or cow knows what I’m talking about.  It makes that sound plus it kind of has a different fluid on it.  I have also heard it called “pooter juice”.   I remember a story when Duke was with me and we both started laughing and knew exactly what they were talking about when they used the term “pooter” juice.  There might have been some other slurrish kind of words mixed in.

Here’s the point of tonight’s lesson.  The 2 shot lut protocol can work.  But it works best if the does are at home, next to the service buck.  But, if you are going to breed the does via AI, or for flush, or taken to a service sire, spend the 5 or 7 dollars for a CIDR and increase the chances of proper estrous.  Don’t just stand in the corner winding your watch…AGAIN.  Get a little pooter juice and get those does bred.

******Because of the content, I actually re-read this deal BEFORE the publish button was hit.  So, if any of it offends you….well, today is like every other day…I did my best to care but you chose to read this stuff.  No! No, I really don’t care if the words spooge or pooter offended you.

Some will be happy with what was written here, while others learned a thing or not.  Still, others have made the decision to just read elsewhere.  All the while, intelligence was gained.

I’m done.

I still crack up at spooge and pooter.  I know.  I’m not right.  Neither are you or you wouldn’t have read this far.


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