Survived…kind of

The livestock competition part of the Woodward District Jr. Livestock Show is now complete.  There is only the premium sale left.  And if you want to attend on Thursday night, I will buy you a steak dinner at the sale.

First, I want to thank the show management and the Woodward County Event Center staff for the outstanding work that they do to run the day to day of this show.   These facilities and the show itself are second to none for a district show.

Next, I had the pleasure of watching three judges line up four species.  These judges were fair, excellent on the mic, were efficient in their placings, gave every kid a good look and used outstanding livestock.  Ben Moyer–hogs, Brandin Callis-cattle and Stever Sturtz–sheep and goats all did a fantastic job of evaluating stock.  I loved it!  And yes, even when we got beat, which happened more often than I would have liked.

Which brings us back to the outstanding livestock part.  Jeeminy Christmas where did all of these outstanding hogs come from?  Even the sift hogs were good ones.  All were well presented and well fed.  Easily, one of the deepest set of hogs that I have seen at a district show.  Kaylee Holt carried the banner for Shattuck in this line up.  I’ll put that kid up against anyone.  I may have mentioned this before and I bet you keep hearing from me about this kid.

Then the sheep show.  I’ve got the pleasure to work with some really good sheep showman. The “Aedyn” twins–Jaedyn & Raedyn Magness are stepping up their games and had success–numerous breed champs.  Sierra Washmon was the best sheep showman in the barn.  She easily won the ewe show and then took a Hamp wether and proved why she is the best.  However, she has a little brother named Clayton that will argue.  Numerous people have asked if we got a pic of his wether during the grand drive.  Why?  Because it needs to be made into a silhouette.  He did get that one propped up to near-perfection.

On a goat note with that sheep show.  Blake Foraker was going to see Preston Faris last summer.  I said, “Hit him up and see if he has any hair lambs that would work.”  Blake reported back and I called Preston and made a deal.  He took 2 hair lambs and 1 skinny goat to Ralph Shafer to bring to me.  Months later, Foraker’s had ch. div. 1 goat at Phoenix and those 2 hair lambs were ch. and res. hair sheep at WW District. (And yes, there were several classes of them–more than the Dorsets, Southdowns or Suffolks)  I’d say that Blake can read a skinny animal.

Then the goat show.  WOW!  Newt Sweet put a showmanship lesson on the rest of the competition.  He had grand doe.  And should have.  This was a Spongebob from Milligan and Thompson.  Carli Word had res. div. 1 with a doe from us.  She also had a class winner and a 2nd.  Newt also had ch. div. 1 doe with an Easy Decision back on Blood Pressure’s momma.

The #s were down in the wether show but the quality was stacked deep.  These classes were wicked good.  Showmanship was amped up.  Sure, we had hoped Duke could win.  But he ended up 3rd out in div. 2 and div. 3 and 6th overall.  Not complaining when you see the list of kids above him and below him in sale order.  Chance Gregg was not grand or res. grand.  But he showed like he was going to win it.  Duke sells him Vindicator is our involvement with his goats, but I would not have been at all upset if he had won it.  I like to see good ones go out on a high note.

And on a high goat note, Darcy Whitley was grand wether goat with an Easy Decision from Milligan.  Several people have commented that they should have kept bidding on this wether.  It wouldn’t have mattered.  I had that one covered.  I was prepared to bid whenever grandpa Mike Weber faltered, but he had the good eye pegged on owning that one.

I’ve also caught some hell over this goat.  Because I got in the grand pic.  I don’t get in many pics.  And I wasn’t exactly dressed to photo, but when a kid starts nearing the end to their career, sometimes you gotta take a pic.  Darcy has won with several goats from us and/or out of our stock.  I hope and am planning on taking more pics with her.  On a side note, it was just easier to get in the picture than it was to listen to Jeanie Weber bitch at me… again…for not being in the picture.  I will never understand how my dumbass helps a picture.

And if you can’t tell, Easy Decision is having a nice first year.  And yes, Milligan raised the grand doe and grand wether.

Then the cattle show.  The heifer show was way good.  But the grand heifer was EASILY grand.  Gatlin Goodson had this heifer.  And Gatlin showed this % Simmy like a champ.  Then he showed his steer to res. grand steer honors.  This kid tends to win at everything he does.  Why?  He’s good and wants to win.  His steer got beat by a good one.  Alyssa Friesen of Arnett showed the grand steer.  The Friesen family has a tendency to show really good cattle.  This steer may be a bit better than really good.  I know, they aren’t Shattuck, but they are life-long family friends and we here at Kelln Livestock love to see great kids with great animals…regardless.

My donkey is dragging.  I can’t breathe.  I haven’t seen my own livestock in the daylight since last Tuesday.  I know that I am going to take my own advice and have a good day and a better tomorrow.


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