Another county stock show is in the books.  I do not enjoy local or county stock shows.  Some get excited about them.  Not me.  I see them as a scrimmage.  They really don’t count for much but you can get the stock out and do a run through.  In all honesty, the only people that care about a county stock show is beginning level showmen and grandparents.

I did survive.  It was butt-ass cold for the duration of the show.  I have some kind of wicked sinus issue.  And just about every school in NW OK is closed today due to ice.  Shattuck is not.  I normally don’t want them to call school unless it is dang sure warranted.  But, it wouldn’t have bothered me if they called it this time.  Oh well.

I’m dealing with some real serious 1st world kind of problems today.  Sinus issues, we have school, I have a broken razor handle and the dollarshaveclub hasn’t got the replacement to me yet and I am ready to sit down and have an actual meal.  That and I would really like to sleep a full night this week.  I bet I survive.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Keep the stock warm and make sure they get a good drink.

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