Survey Says…

I’ve written on here before about filling out surveys.  Well, I still recommend filling those things out.  Over the years, I’ve gotten John Deere toys, John Deere caps, free oil changes from the auto dealer, hotel bonus points and other obscure crap.

A couple of months ago, I filled out a written survey for some Texas Tech student doing graduate work.  The survey was a butt load of questions about ag-ed/FFA in our school.  It probably took me 5 minutes to fill out.  I put it in the postage paid envelope and mailed it back.  Done.

This week, I received a letter that explained the survey.  They weren’t just surveying ag teachers, they were also surveying responses online versus mail.  AND if survey response rates increased by being offered $2.  What?  Wait?  $2?

I did the mail in deal for free.  Who gives a rat’s ass about $2?  Obviously a higher percentage of people.  The letter showed that Survey return rates were higher for the ones that were offered $2.  Mail-in vs. online results were similar.

To keep all things equal, since I did the survey for free, they sent me (and others) a $2 bill in the mail for the effort.  Cool!  It’s been a year or two since I saw a $2 bill in circulation.

Several decades ago, I judged a county hog show.  It was a bad-ass show.  Lots of OKC premium sale pigs in the show.  At the end of the show, the county agent asked me if I was fine with a cash payment for judging.  “Sure.”  He then handed me the damndest roll of $2 bills.  I forget the actual story but it was something along the lines that between the county commissioners and the fairboard, nobody trusted anybody to sign a check, so they did everything in $2 bills.  Whatever works.

It was fun to open a letter with a $2 bill.  At least it wasn’t a $3 bill.  I’ve never seen one but…..I guess they are different.

At 8:53 am, I finished up this mornings’ ass-kicking.  My ass was the one donated for the kicking.  Snow & then winds made some drifts.  I had to first thaw out the intake line for our tankless water-heater.  Then, I had to dig pathways through drifts for doe goats to get to feed/hay and water.  Then deal with a bull that doesn’t care what the weather is doing, he was out and didn’t want to go back in.

Survey says….I should have had a dispersal earlier in the year.

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