Supply & Demand

and selling some stuff.

I sell stuff year round.  Goats take up more time than they should.  But when the selling is good… is way good.  The laws of supply and demand happen everyday.  Legally or illegally.  I’ve never sold illegal stuff but I can see why some take the risks.

I’ve written about selling lawn-mowers.  I can tell you that good livestock is easy to sell.  The last time that I interviewed for a job was in the mid 90’s and I was very successful at selling my abilities.  I was the dark horse candidate for the job at Waynoka.  I got that job and it was a good fit.

Jan. 28th is the Shattuck Ag Booster auction.  We have some good stuff to sell.  Yet, this year is different.  WAY different!  We will sell some unicorn items.  What you ask?  Well, in these days a butcher date is hard to come by.  We have two–One in March and one in June.  Okay.  What else you got?  How about the unicorn that craps rainbow turds.  We got it.  Actually, we got two of them.  Two ammo tins full of .223 ammo–500 rounds per tin.  Talk about supply & demand.  We’ve got the supply.  I learned years ago that it is hard to sell from an empty wagon.  Well, we are having to borrow an extra wagon for all this stuff.  Lots of good stuff–live auction, silent auction, games and a raffle type deal with 4 cool prizes.  Fun!

Speaking of fun.  I got home late.  Put out hay and then the Dragon Lady had a turkey pot pie ready for me.  It was wicked way good.  But it wasn’t that great big pot pie from My Mother’s in Phoenix.  I miss my annual Phoenix trip.  If KC Ferguson was to call and say, “Old Man we are meeting Isbell and heading to Phoenix for the weekend…you in?”

me–“pffft….well heck yeah!  That turkey pot pie weighs a metric eff ton.”  To confess, I just recently learned about the metric eff ton.  I had heard of a ton, a short ton, a metric ton and the term that one will step down on the scales hard.  But a metric eff ton……I think it weighs two $h!t tons which is not quite as much as an ass ton.  Which if my math serves me right, an ass load will hold a crap load.  Pretty sure this is a Waynoka measurement and must be weighed on elevator scales.  Give or take 20 pounds.


In the spirit of Chill Wills in McLintock–“People, People, People…”   That dude has to be one of the best supporting actors of all time.

The stock show world needs to pay attention to what recently happened.  Nobody,–I mean nobody, was voted into the major league baseball hall of fame this year.  Curt Schilling should have been BUT the people voting think that he was an outspoken prick.  Good thing I’m not involved in a vote.

But, BUT, what about that mlb vote?  Some of the “greatest” of all time were still eligible.  But…. BUT, they were known cheaters.  That shows that the over-hyped industry of athletics has an over-supply of cheaters and the demand is low for those that are skirting the rules.  In a similar, hyper-competitive world, all I know is that my kids NEVER tested positive at any state or national show…EVER!!  EVER!!  AND I will constantly supply that fact AND you can’t say that about others.

I’m resigned to the fact that 20 years from now, I will say the same thing.


I think that the supply of my correct opinions and your demand to read something interesting is not always healthy.

People, people, people……have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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