Super Sunday

      The weather was supposed to be super here in paradsise on this Sunday.  The sun shined, but the wind is howling.  The wind wasn’t supposed to crank it up until Monday.  Hopefully, this means that it will quit early.  

I watched a 30 for 30 on espn when I got home from mass.  It was about the ’85 Bears.  These 30 for 30 shows are very well done.  I really enjoyed watching this one.  Of course, the ’85 Bears were right in my wheelhouse growing up.  There was a lot of big personalities on that team.  I liked Walter Payton.  I even had some Kangaroo shoes.  That was the best NFL team that I ever watched.  Of course, I’m not an expert on the subject.

I really don’t care who wins the super bowl, but I always enjoy watching/listening to the pre game music.  The Armed Forces choir singing “America the Beautiful” was awesome.  Then, I literally cringed when Lady Gaga came out to do the national anthem.  However, she didn’t do her usual crap and she showed her true talent.  It was very well done.  

We traveled to a goat and pig show this weekend.  Big fun was had by all.  Our pigs and goats placed well, but it was more about getting some kids and animals a little bit of showring time.  I don’t get to worked about a show until it comes time for Woodward District and then OYE.  

  I hope the halftime commercials are good.  Here’s to looking forward to a super week.