Sunday didn’t bring a day of rest, like it should be, but did bring a day of getting stuff done–at home.  Does moved.  Panels re-arranged.  Small square bales moved and easier to get to.  Babies tagged.  Crappy looking freeze damaged crops with mustard growing got mowed down as it has been too WINDY to spray.  Duke got to help me move goats and hay. Then he got to help the Dragon Lady with her yard work.  She was working to get paradise looking like, well–paradise.  She likes to plant stuff with color.  And this does make for more work for Duke and I, but we do what we have to, in order to keep momma happy.  And she took care of the kidding barn while I was in Enid.  Big THANKS!

      Had a few visitors come to pick goats up.  I like seeing good goats going to good homes, especially when they are headed to different states.  I just wish that they all had KELLN tags in them.  But, nope, the does have let us down so far this year.  HIGH percentage of doe kids.  Which means that I am a buyer in search of high quality wethers for our showers.  

      Segue into this paragraph–The banners & backdrops sale was Saturday in Enid, OK.  For an inaugral event, I am pleased with how this sale went.  The buck deal was a bit soft.  The grand buck brought $10,500 and will be seen again.  I bought Cade Halfman’s reserve buck. The doe show was high quality on the top end and then tailed off.  The grand doe was a Joe Dirt daughter that Brandon the Bruce consigned.  I have always liked this doe, so I bought her.  The reserve grand doe was a little bitty but way cool turd consigned by Braden Schovanec.  She was sired by Law&Order and brought $3,000.  The wethers were very good on the top end and then the sale stayed good. Wethers are in demand.  Obviously, I am not the only breeder that is short on wethers.  The first lot of wethers was sold as choice of the barn.  I bought that lot and doubled down to get a Seelke Rumour wether and a Tyke Greer Joe Dirt kid.  I gambled by not taking three, but on the next lot, I bought my third goat for a tick less.  I only had one wether to take and he sold well considering how green he was.  The best part, he went to a REALLY good home.  

     I am real pleased with this event and look forward to the future.  Thank you to all the consignors and buyers/bidders.  I truly appreciate those that traveled to bring goats and those that came to buy.  Thanks to Jason Spence for auctioneering and Kevin Mock for judging.  Thanks to all of our helpers.  Especially to Jullie Milligan for all of her organizational/clerical help.  Julie is like the milk cow that just gets stuff done and takes care of business.  She makes tards, like Tommy and I look real good.  All while taking care of those boys.  This deal was good for a first time sale.  It will be real good in the future.  Bet me.  

     On Friday night, I had to pay Tyke and Brandon the Bruce for washing and shearing.  So, we headed over to Chicarro’s in Enid.  This is an interesting steak house that has VERY strict political views.  I don’t like having to leave my cap in the pickup, but I understand.  This is one of those joints that has to be experienced to fully understand, but they cook a killer steak.  I’m talking a 25 ounce ribeye.  Maybe a 20 ounce prime rib.  And slow smoked to be right.  It ain’t cheap, but it is real good.  

      We are getting a bit of a rain shower on this fine Sunday evening.  It ain’t much, but we’ll take it.  Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks and dang it, life is so good around here that there is nothing but sunshine and rainbows.  But, not very many rainbows.  We are limited on rainbows.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.