Sunday Evening

Whew!!!  Looks like somebody hit Friday evening a bit hard.  The keyboard as well as other things.

Friday evening found me washing, drying and shearing goats–all by myself.  This should not happen again.  I’m good washing, or drying or shearing but all of the above is not a good mix.  I was good on the two wethers but then doe kids…Have I mentioned that I do not like dealing with doe kids.

Saturday morning found me giving shots of lut and placing CIDrs in does.  This actually went well.  I crowded all 34 does into a tight alley.  Then caught each, individual doe, and haltered her.  Clipped her to the fence and did the job.  Took me three times as long as it should have, BUT… no blow ups.  Learning how to do things all by myself.

Saturday evening found us at the OYE futurity sale.  I took 2 wethers.  I really like this pair of wethers.   They didn’t set any record sales prices but they went to good homes.  I’m actually stoked about how things went.  Tyke’s pair of red wethers didn’t bring what they should have.  So, I bought the best one.  I didn’t have an order for another wether.  But, some kid will be happy come March.  My 15 + years of experience in the goat industry has taught me that if a goat looks the part, and the budget is right, own it, feed it and it will turn out fine.  It’s those high $ bastards that we all lose sleep over.

Thank you to the OYE staff, specifically Kass Newell and her crew for managing this sale.  It is held at the Heritage Place (wicked impressive horse sale facility) –free of charge.  Jason Spence flew to OKC to cry this auction.  (Free of charge)  Sure, it is a 15% commission sale, but they do a good job of making the futurity worth the while.  Thanks to you people that put this deal on.

Sunday morning found me attending Mass…on time.  Then, tagging a newborn calf.  Then eating a bowl of cocoa puffs.  Then digging meat out of the freezer to send to Stillwater.  Korbyn was home and needed to reload.  THEN, I took a nap.  Hells2the YEAH!  I took a nap.  Slobber and all.  Then, I headed to the ag building.

When I left the ag building, I stopped at Mom & Dad’s.  She was making fresh Bierox.  I couldn’t eat one.  Why?  The Dragon Lady had a roast cooking.  A bad ass beef roast permeates the entire house with the smell….for hours.  It was already in my brain.  I listened to recent travel stories of Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.  Smelled fresh baked Bierox, I did.  I went into a bit of a haze.  I kind of remember Dad talking about weaning weights and bull EPDs.  This pasture averaged this and or that.   I felt like a crack addict at a 12 step meeting.  I don’t know how to shoot up but there is a roast beef with carrots and taters waiting….Wait, what….something about a bourbon sample deal in Kentucky with a limo and fancy suits.  I can’t focus.  Bierox….roast beef….bourbon, but I didn’t have any of it.  The bourbon that is.

Oh heck yeah!  I ate roast beef, carrots & taters.  I’ve never been to Amsterdam or an opium den in some Asian town but I understand fighting urges and chasing addictions.  When I graduated high school in 1989, I was 5’9″ and 186 lbs and had a 29″ waist.   Now, I am almost 5’9″ and I weighed 190.2 lbs on the digital scales at Ellis County Animal Hospital this past Friday and I can wear anywhere from a 33″ to a 34″ waist line in shorts and I don’t even want to wear jeans or slacks.  Nothing fits quite right.  Nobody makes any clothes for a typical Schneider build.  Not long, kind of square, round in the middle and it damn sure better be square and measured right.

I’ve overdosed on roast beef.  Bad ass!!   I’m going to step away from the keyboard.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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