Stupid Stuff

It’s no secret that I am a fan of some stupid stuff.  I’ve been known to buy some really stupid, skinny goats (backed by strong genetics).  Now… that I type that, I have to ask myself….were they stupid & skinny or just stupid skinny?    Since they were goats, let’s go with…..BOTH!!   That was stupid but you goat people should get it.

To answer that stupid question, as an ag teacher, I’m not dealing with big budgets to purchase projects.  Therefore, I am buying skinny goats, backed by wicked genetics that fit a given budget.  I actually kind of like shopping like this.  Flipping rocks but not kicking tires.  Shitty triplets with a cool mom that milked like she only loved one kid.  I’m in.  Recip died after giving birth.  I’m in.  Pain in the ass kind of stupid stuff but…..if just one works out…

While discussing stupid, I’ve got a crew of kids that keep wanting to show doe kids.  You would think that anybody that knows me would understand that I would rather NOT show a doe kid.  Actually, I don’t care what a  kid shows as long as they put in the work.

Speaking of stupid stuff, an all-time classic stupid movie is on the air tonight.  Airplane!   I love this movie, yet it is so retarded.  One of my all-time favorite movie scenes…..”When Kramer hears about this…the $h!t is going to hit the fan.”  And then, YES, it actually hits the fan.

“Surely, you can’t be serious.”

“I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.”


Lines that I have recently heard or seen that I like.

“Don’t make me send Rip.”

“Should we have called this in to the fire department ahead of time?”

“Was that a Winnebago?”

“Feed her the onion!”     I still don’t know what that one means.  Just some stupid stuff that is rolling around in my brain.



Peace be with all of you.  I pray for common sense and GOOD to overcome evil while this stupid stuff that is going on in today’s society hopefully hits the fan.  Shirley, this 2020 year can’t get much worse?!?   Surely, I don’t want to take that bet.


“I picked the wrong day to quit…..”





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