Stuff….just stuff

We finally got the moisture that we desperately needed.  I got all of the tree limbs hauled off.  This past weekend consisted of CIDRs, lut shots, blood tests and moving cattle around.  I should have placed CIDRs last week but, the weather wasn’t real conducive.

Friday saw the opening of season 2 of The Mandalorian.  The best thing about this season is that Tammy and I can find Kela’s name in the credits.  One has to take a minute to find it, but nonetheless, it is there.  She’s chasing a dream and enjoys what she is doing.

And now, we can quit talking about Okie State football being a top 5 team.

Feb. 22 is a date that I scheduled several months ago.  At that time, I was yet to own a pig, but I scheduled a butcher date for one.  Back at the first of October, Rodney Washmon had a breeder put the wrong pig on the trailer.  The TX customer didn’t want it and there was some problems making connections to get the pig back to Ohio.  Finally, the breeder told Rodney to just find a home for him.  And now, I have Herfy the Hereford pig on feed.  Will he get shown?   You bet.  He will get shown how to get on a trailer to go to the Gage Locker on Feb. 22.

Speaking of a Herf.  It is way hard to beat a meal consisting of beef roast from a mini-herf steer, baby taters and carrots.  So, so good!

I understand and respect the marbling of high quality beef.  I have seen marbling in pork and realize that a pure Berkshire has a higher probability of having marbling.  I only recently learned about a chicken, yes a chicken, that has marbling in its meat.  Check out the Bresse breed of chicken.  The American Bresse is a cool colored bird.

I’m done.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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