Those of you that know me, understand that I love a good story. True stories are always better, but I also love creativity. There are two people that I have asked for years, “You got any good stories for me?” Neither ever has one. Heck, make one up for all I care. But nooo, neither ever has a story for me. Tyke Greer and Jim Rhodes are Kelln family favorites. They are both great guys. I really can’t say anything bad about either. Other than they don’t ever have a good story for me. Until today! I called them both to ask them a trivia question.

So I went to the feed store in Woodward this evening. I wanted to go yesterday but it was raining. I had to go today and the radar showed that it was clear; therefore, I got a few bags of feed. I made it three miles out of Woodward before it started raining. Nowhere to go to keep it dry, so I made an executive decision. Put all that I could inside the pickup, sacrifice the rest to the rain.

Now, stop and think, just how many 50# bags of feed do you think that you can fit inside a 4 door 1/2 ton pickup?


I now know that you can fit 22 bags of feed and a bucket of milk replacer in there. And this is without one in my lap or me sitting on top of a bag of feed. I actually think I could fit 3 more if I had to. What is the problem with having 1100 pounds of feed inside a pickup? Smell. Maybe to some. Broken bags? Nope. I treated the bags as if they were eggs. The problem was the 150# sitting in the passenger seat. The sensor felt a weight there, and therefore, the seat belt dinger went off every 2 miles. So I called Tyke and asked him “How many bags….?” He guessed wrong. But he had a story for me regarding electricity, goats, rain, etc. Pretty good story for Tyke.

I then called a great American hero. Well, Jim Rhodes didn’t answer. But he later called. He did his usual, “What’s Up?” I asked him the trivia question. Much like Tyke, he underestimated my stacking ability. He then said, “Kelln, I have a story for you.” I was almost speechless. I’ve known him for a long time and he never has a story for me. But he did tonight.

He had taken his wife to Wichita for their anniversary this past weekend. He found a comedian to go watch. He didn’t know who Rodney Carrington was. Now, he does. I won’t tell the story here. Not that it is dirty. It’s just that I have this visual image of Jim, Joy, their expressions during the closing song, a tradition that Fred and I have after the Enid goat show, etc.

I’m still laughing.


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