Still Cool

I don’t care if you are 45 or getting ready to turn 26, it is still cool when somebody hands you a Benjamin for your birthday.  Even though a $100 may not go as far today as it did when I turned 26, it is still a cool feeling when your mom hands you a crisp $100 bill.  Even cooler when same mom/mimi hands your daughter/her granddaughter a $100 bill at the same time for an upcoming birthday.   Of course, I asked “Should I just go ahead and hand my $100 to Kela as that is where it will end up anyways?”  

Even though it hasn’t happened yet, Kela’s upcoming 26th birthday is a milestone in my life.  Technically, her vehicle insurance and lots of other expenses from my account become HER expenses.  This is a hollow victory for me as I realize that the money funnel will simply change directions and instead of me paying directly, I will make indirect payments (which will be money well spent as it will keep the Dragon Lady happy which is way cheaper than a divorce).  However, Duke is nearing 16.  And in Kelln years, that means it is time to start saving for bail money.  

Speaking of Benjamin’s, I remember having a Benjamin goat sale  5 or so years ago.  That was fun.  I sold goats that won classes at the state fair, etc for not much money, but that was fun walking around in camo shorts with a wad of Benjamins.  I ain’t never been a pimp, but it kind of felt like it.  Ironically, I think that we went to Vegas the next week.  And yes, I probably still have most of those $100 bills.  

And it is still kind of cool to look at all of the names listed on a group text.  That way, you know whether to reply or not.  Especially, if there is NOT appropriate text and you realize that there is a woman included in the group.  All I know is that there are way more messed up people in the world other than me.  Some people  go to the bathroom at target.  Just wrong!

And NO–he won’t put it on facebook.  We will just announce the first U.S. female president’s candidacy on this, here Kelln blog.  hillary does NOT count as a female or a president or a candidate.  This chick is way better suited for the job and way smarter.  Unless you count who she is married to.  

       I apologize to all that have read this far as there was nothing to learn.  But, I hope , that it is still cool for you when you get a crisp $100.  Spend it wisely.  Or don’t.