I just spent time on the Socially Transmitted Disease known as facebook.  Dang, that deal can be addictive.  However, there is some cool stuff if you can stand to sort through all of the crap. I scroll through looking for goat, cattle or pig pics.  I even stop to look at some wicked cool sheep pics.  However, the best parts are the people stuff.  I had to stop and read a post about Tim Crissup.  Truly, one of the best small town dudes that I have ever met.  Great teacher, co-worker, parent, townsman, and grandparent.   RUKM?  He and his wife are some of the best that you can possibly meet.  Their kids….even better.  I’ve got lots of great Crissup family stories.  Every one of them ends in a smile.  Great people.  

Then I see the pic of all the Burlington ag teachers at the Burlington, OK FFA Banquet.  Icons, industry leaders, personal friends, maybe even a partner in crime or three.  No matter.  An impressive set of ag teachers.  When I look at the pic, I get a bit nostalgic.  Lots of history, stories and most of all, those dudes can stilll recall the student successes stories. And with this crew, we are talking huge success stories.  

Next, there is a pic of a student that did well at a sporting meet.  Not as good as he would have liked.  But real good.  He is a great kid, from a great family and will do well in life at whatever he so chooses.  I wanted to type something creative, but decided not.  Why?  Once you hit submit on that facebook crap, it is out there for the world to see.  That is the power of these STDs. A screenshot or two, and it lives in infamy.  Even though  a post may be harmless, one needs to take a step back before hitting submit.  

Here’s to great today’s and better tomorrows.  I need a haircut, a break from the school calendar and a better exercise program.