Staying Hooked!

I’ve not been as busy as normal.  But I also haven’t been sitting around eating bon-bons. I haven’t been fishing…yet.  But, it is on the horizon.  I’ve kidded out does, managed stock and trying to keep some first-timers milking and raising kids properly.  Not always easy.  I need to wean two sets of calves, but I’ve got to haul a couple to the butcher in order to make room.  I will be honest.  I take after my dad when it comes time to feed calves.  I like looking at fat cattle.  Better yet, I like eating those tasty dudes.

We have yet to be hit hard by the rona virus in this part of the world.  It very may well be coming.  But, the lack of oilfield activity has crippled western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.

I have watched some of The Ranch and several of Peyton’s Places.  Fired up ol’ smokey today.  Supper of baby back ribs, garlic/butter red taters, carrots and fresh bread—–ooooohhhh, yeah!!!!   Probably going to do it again later this week.

Speaking of staying hooked.  The Shattuck Venture grocery store is off-the-hook wicked awesome.  Those cats have managed to keep shelves stocked and people served.  Customers have been driving over 120 miles to come to this grocery store.  Why?  Because they have meat, milk, bread, toilet paper and damn neart everything else that you are looking to buy.  These guys are hustling to get trucks from wherever and working all night to unload.  Wal Mart is running low on supplies???  I wouldn’t know.  I do know that these hustlers are busting their ass.  I’m sure that they are making money but our community, county and area has a place to go get our products.  As an added bonus, these cats work great to help the Shattuck FFA.  If your grocery supplier isn’t keeping shelves stock, they need to be taking notes from this crew.  They are staying hooked!


Stay healthy.  Stay busy and stay hooked.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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