State Fair of OK

     The great state fair is over with.  It was a successful trip.  Our crew got along really well in the wether show.  Lexi Vanderwork had the grand wether (Helms).  Braden Schovanec had the res. grand wether (double bred Joe Dirt from Tyke).  Bree Taylor had the res. lightweight behing Lexi and the res. heavy was a Rainman kid from Poe.       What about Duke?  Well, he was 6th with his little paint goat.  And then he took Bob, our Rumour wether into class.  He immediately got sent to the scales.  When I say scale(S), I mean both of them as he weighed a pound too heavy on the first set and guess what?  He still weighed a pound too heavy on the second scale.  It happens.  One thing about it, the dad of that kid won’t be pissed at anybody.  Nobody to blame it on but myself.  Like the late great Ritson Urban always said, “If you ain’t never weighed one out, then you weren’t trying to win very bad.”

     The doe show went well.  Bob & Jodi Seelke raised the grand overall doe kid sired by their AK buck.  They also raised the CHAMP & RES. CHAMP div. 2 doe kids sired by RUMOUR HAS IT.  Congrats to them.  There were a lot of high placing Joe Dirt doe kids.  

      I got asked a LOT about my hatred of does and doe shows this weekend.  Why do I despise doe shows?  Very few people actually buy their does.  They borrow them.  If you don’t have to bankroll a showstring it makes it WAY easy to assemble a set.  If your only expenses are feed and time, it changes the playing field.  When you are trying to assemble a team of wethers ranging in price from $1,500 to $7,500, it doesn’t take long to run out of funds.  Sure, if a bunch of wether breeders wanted to loan me their wethers to show and then give them back, I would be way in.  But that isn’t feasible.  And there is NO way to police ownership of these doe kids.  And as a breeder,  I too loan out several doe kids each year.  Why?  It gets them off of my feed bill.  I don’t blame the breeders or the feeders.  I just feel that it devalues the competition.

      What else would I like to change about the doe shows?  Several things.  First, test them.  This goes for does, heifers, gilts, etc.  They are a show animal, they should be clean.  Second, slick shear them.  Lots of common does win as they hide behind fat and hair.  Our crew can work hair with the best of them, but I would still rather shear them.  It will also make the animals better.  How’s that you say?  Look at the improvement in quality of sheep since they started slick shearing as well as the steers in texas.  There is nothing to hide behind.  There is going to be a slick shear/test DOE show at the Lone Star Elite Jackpot this year.  That sounds like my kind of deal.  

     Next show up–Tulsa.  Our team isn’t going to take much.  Why?  Our money shows are everything after Tulsa.  The Tulsa sale hasn’t been very good and it is too hard to replace a wether at this time of year.  I don’t know, maybe somebody could just loan me one out of their keeper pen.