St. Patrick’s Day

    It is actually still St. Patrick’s Day eve and I am well behaved.  Monday, March 17, there is a chance that the wheels will fall off.  It is now OYE time.  It’s time to get serious, just not too serious.  

      I knew that picture would crop up again.  I don’t pose for very many pics, but back on July 4th, Braden took a shot of me with ol tag J099 riding on my shoulder as we were leaving Helms’ pens to go get in the trailer for a ride to a new home.  That was one green, crappy looking goat that day, but like the Roxette song from the 80s,  he just kind of had “The Look.”  JBone, as he is now known as, has since won a class at Champion’s Choice jackpot and was the grand wether at Woodward District.  I like to gamble on a show animals.  It is amazing what a good feed program and a showman can do.  Big Bill told me that I over-paid that day for JBone.  Lexi Vanderwork will disagree as she and JBone brought $6,500 as the grand wether at the Woodward Premium Sale.  Who knows?  If luck has anything to do with it, I may just have to carry that goat again.  After all, a deal is a deal.  

      Good luck to all at the big show this week.  Have fun.  Monday is all about the green–shamrocks, leprauchans and maybe a frosty.  Speaking of frosty leprauchans, thank goodness that the Milligan family is back home and all is well.  Here’s to a pot of gold, blarney stones and holdling onto my shillelagh.

    p.s. growing up, Mom made some kind of cake-like treats for St. Patrick’s Day that she called blarney stones.  I haven’t had those in decades.  I’d probably be a kinder, gentler soul if somebody made me some of those blarney stones.  Even if it isn’t for my big holiday.