Duke likes to watch the show “Finding Bigfoot”. His Phoenix goat was named Squatch and he showed a Bobo at Tulsa, names resulting from this show. To be honest, I kind of enjoy it also. It cracks me up that these people “know” what a bigfoot sounds like and they can mimic a squatch yell, but they’ve never seen or actually heard one before. They do show some fairly compelling evidence that a bigfoot does exist, but they use all kinds of technology and still, nothing. It is possible that they exist, but I doubt it.

I can understand how a creature like that can stay hidden, but what I don’t understand is why they haven’t even found a Squatch turd or skeleton. I would like to see these researchers stalking through the woods at night, with their night vision cameras and infrared scopes, trying to catch video of a real-life bigfoot, when dang, oh my, one of them steps in a big steaming pile of sasquatch excrement. Imagine that smell.

There are animals that exist, that humans haven’t found yet. Kind of like that magic buck to breed to 900 influenced does that will make great ones but doesn’t throw parrot mouths, structure issues and all the other problems that are out there. Much like a squatch, it’s out there, but we don’t know where to find it.

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