We’ve had a couple of sets of triplets born in the past couple of days.  Luckily only 2 of each survived.   But one thing about a lot of sets of triplets is that one or all of them will be spraddle legged for several hours.  They just can’t seem to get their legs underneath themselves.  Some of this is a result of triplets being all tucked up inside together.  Some of it may be the result of kids out of old (not older) does.

We help them get ahold of a tit.  Getting their bellies full helps give them some energy to set stronger.  Then we put them in a rubber tub which gives them some traction and some sides to lean against and give themselves some leverage.  The Dragon Lady is awesome working with these spraddle legged kids.  She gets them up and going.  In a day or two, you can’t tell which ones had a slow start.