Halloween is getting close and we are constantly dressing our wethers up. Dealing with blankets on wethers is a pain in the rear this time of year. It is 40 degrees of a morning so they need blankets, by 10 am they need one canvas, and then by one they don’t need anything on. It is a judgement call what to do each morning. Whether to go ahead and strip them, or leave one on for awhile. It won’t be long and they will be wearing several all day, every day.

Got a report that Tyke has been trying to carve pumpkins. I’ve got to go to Shattuck tonight, I’ll see if we can get pics of his pumpkins. Hopefully, he has help. My brother is cooking catfish and calf fries this evening. It should be entertaining.

Lots of rumours about the price tag of Schoovy’s grand wether at Tulsa. Fact is, that goat was lot #1 in Bob Allen’s June sale and cost $1,300. For those of you that don’t see numbers well, that was One Thousand Three Hundred Dollars. If he would have been a March born instead of a February, Izzy would have made us spend more than that. They do NOT have a $20,000 wether, nor have I or Thompson ever bought a $20,000 wether. It is kind of spooky how quickly rumours can get going and they are always started by people that should just shut up and put some effort into their own wethers, then they wouldn’t be jealous of those winning.

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