There are numerous “facts” about how close we are to spiders.  Some say that we are always within 8 feet of a spider.  Some will say three feet.  No matter what, there is always a spider nearby.

While putting on a lots miles in the past week, I had time to think.  I noticed things along the roads in numerous states.      

Which brings me to Dollar General stores.  Like spiders, they are now everywhere.  I am kind of surprised that Fargo, OK does NOT have a Dollar General.  They are right in the middle of some towns and on the outskirts of others.  Shattuck has one.  It is a handy store for a lot of different things.  

I am always amazed when I walk into the Dollar General.  I almost NEVER know anybody in the store, including the employees.  There isn’t much of a dress code to shop at a Dollar General.  And the aisles always look like an earthquake just shook everything off of the shelves.

The goat industry is kind of like retail stores.  Some market to high end customers that demand lots of after-sale help.  These goats will cost a pile and draw other high end customers.  While others tend to market to the shoppers of a Dollar General.  You can find what you need but you might have to step around some stuff to get to it.  Kind of like the popular online sale tag line–get in where you fit in.

This was stupid.  Spiders and Dollar General stores tied to goats.

Watch out for the spiders!  It is almost Halloween.

Have a good one.

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