Spend the $

There are some things in life that are…well, just worth the extra dollars spent.

The goat industry is a prime example.  Look at the breeders in your state.  Texas, may or may not apply, (but it still kind of fits).  There is a reason that some things cost more.  Very few breeders are truly raising the kind of wethers that it takes to compete at a state level.

Heck, our program sometimes fits, sometimes not.  I only sold 4 wethers in 2018.  One was a sale maker at a county.  Goal achieved.  One was 2nd in class at the state fair.  Cool.  I haven’t heard from one and the other has yet to show.  Granted, there is a pen of buck prospects that we turned down some cash to be wethered.

As Duke and I were working on water lines this weekend, I tried to teach him a few things.  First, when going to town to buy PVC fittings, always buy extras.  It is cheaper than driving back to town and if you don’t screw up the first time, you have extras for the next time.  Second, when buying PVC fittings, always buy an end cap.  That way if all else goes wrong, you can cap the line off, still have water to the house and then fix it properly as time allows.


Things worth spending the extra $s

1–Water hydrants.  Those cheap bastards will cost you money in the long run.  Orange ones with the brand name Woodford.  Write the check.

2–Bourbon–ironically, as in Woodford Reserve and several other name brands.  Just buy the good stuff and enjoy a sip or three.

3–Shoes & Boots–when you have an extremely narrow foot with no arch, you learn to buy good footwear.

4–Chips–Lays, Doritos, Fritos, etc.  Sure they cost more, but they are addictive for a reason.  Not better for you, just better.

5–Pop–I will drink a Mountain Dew but I will not drink the off brand crap.  Kela could smell a Dr. Thunder or Mr. Pibb and wanted NO part of that crap.

6–Tractors & Lawn Mowers.  Just buy the good ones.  If Wal Mart or Atwoods is selling it, go elsewhere.  For that matter, buy a used name-brand.  That way you can get parts or service.

7–Service–medical, dental, mechanics, stock show help, academic tutors, music teachers, whatever–pay for the good ones. And if they are good and don’t charge you….well, that would be like a unicorn.  Increasingly hard to find.

8–Genetics.  You don’t have to buy from the large volume breeder but you need to study the genetics.  Buy good genotype and good phenotype.  It is easier (not easy, just more available) in the cattle and hog world.  Not so easy with the sheep and goats.

9–Good Food.   Granted, some of the best food that you ever ate didn’t cost you a thing (mom, grandma, etc. )  However, I am a believer when you can eat something wicked good that you can’t normally eat near home, do it.  I have always liked to take people, especially kids, to wicked good restaurants.  Some place that they may not get to experience on their own.  Every kid needs a chance at an elite steak house or maybe some bad ass seafood.  I have some great memories of St. Elmo’s, 801 chophouse, Pappadeaux’s and Cattleman’s as well as many smaller places.  I’ve been around this teaching gig for over 25 years and I still get calls from former students about places to eat.  People remember good food.



p.s.  I forwarded a text to a lot of people last night, all across the land.  Without a doubt, the best reply that I received was  “I won’t be available by email or text tomorrow morning.  I’m taking my phone in for a screen replacement due to a thumb sized whole punched directly into it.”


Good day!





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