Duke and I were talking to some guys.  A ladies name came up.  I asked the question, “Is she a good cook?”  Immediately, one of them replied, “She can’t even spell the word cook.”

I took some boys to help load some boxes of food at a church and then took these boxes to the county food pantry.  While we were unloading, the dude that oversees the food pantry came out carrying a bag of chips.  They looked like doritos.  He was happily offering chips.  One of the local pastors took one first.  It didn’t take long to realize that these chips weren’t your normal doritos.  These were ghost pepper tortilla chips.  Each of the boys tried one.  I ate several.  It was going to take a glass of tea to be able to eat very many of them.  I took a bag of these “spicy” chips back to the classroom.  And yes, we did have some fun with them the rest of the day.  Take a look at a scoville chart and see where the ghost pepper (aka bhut jolokia) ranks. This was a weird brand of chips and they had several bags of these.  If I was selling drinks of some sort, I would have a bowl of these sitting out for patrons.  Drink consumption would definitely go up.  

My question, who donates ghost pepper spiced chips to a food pantry?