Tonight was a really good night in paradise.  A buddy of mine was home for a few days, so we met for supper at, you guessed it, Charlie’s.  Another great American came in for supper, so we joined forces for an hour or two.  Great stories.  

     The Dragon Lady and I cruised back home.  I parked a pickup or two inside the barn and shut the doors.  The stars are visible on this evening.  There is just enough wind to catch that buck smell as you walk near the buck pen.  Yeah, you goat breeders know the smell.  Pungent, similar to a skunk.  It is actually a really nice evening.  I stopped and sat on the yard fence.  Just listening.  Crickets.  We are wet enough that there are frogs making some noise.  No bullfrogs, just frogs chirping.  

      Sometimes, these nights of solitary are not a bad deal.  I like to sit in the dark, look at the stars and listen.  I’ve been this way for awhile.  And, Duke has the same problem.  You can just listen to nature.  Sounds become amplified.  Wait?  What is that sound?  That isn’t natural.  Well, crap.  I forgot to shut a sprinkler off earlier this afternoon.  That part of the garden is what you would call saturated.  I’m on good behavior, so I’m not soaked.  

      Here’s to hoping that you all had a good day and a better tomorrow.