OWWW!   I am as sore as I have ever been.  I served a tour of duty on the Shattuck Ag Boosters dunk tank on the 4th of July.  I got to go in the water a lot.  Which was fine.  However, the getting out of the tank and back up on the dunking contraption was nothing short of performing some gymnastics mounts.  I’m pretty sure that there will be a new dunking machine before next year.

Then, I went home and decided to brush beat some sage brush.  But, before I could brush beat, I add to hook the PTO up to the tractor.  Hooking a PTO up should be an olympic sport.  Trying to line splines up while pulling a bulky shaft forward with one hand while trying to pull back the locking collar with the other hand.  While trying to manage all of this, the shaft twisted at a U-joint and rolled out of one hand and smashed the picky of my other hand.  Lots of blood and even more cussing.

Wednesday brought a trip to the NE part of the state as Tammy and I hauled two suburban loads of kids to FFA Alumni camp.  I was already sore but now I had to sit in the driver’s seat for over 10 hours on Wednesday with a swollen, sore pinky finger.  This drive only intensified the soreness.

Have a good one.

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