Sometimes, the hardest part of writing on here is putting something in the title line.

Spent some time walking through crops last evening.  Trying to see if the ground is firm enough for a swather to run across it.  It was getting close, but then it rained again this morning.  It is kind of a fun feeling walking through the vegetation in these fields.  Haygrazer, German millet, Teff grass, cowpeas, crabgrass, collard greens with the occasional okra plant mixed in.  Lots of green diversity.

Duke and I spent some time cruising through the grass pastures identifying grasses.  Little bluestem, big blue, indian grass, switchgrass, blue grama, buffalo grass, side oats grama and some old world bluestem.

I need to get a chisel in the ground in the doe pasture.  Those little hooves can cause some major compaction.  Right now, there is a fine line between being muddy and it getting hard.

We had a python alert in Shattuck.  Somebody’s “pet” snake got loose and they couldn’t find it.  Everybody needs to worry about something like this.  I asked a member of the family that owned the snake how it got loose.  The reply was fitting, “I can’t help it if Dad got stoned and drunk.”  Sometimes, you just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

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