Some things don’t change

Even though I recently acknowledged that I need to do things differently when it comes to advertising my personal stuff, I still managed to half ass my own stuff.  Yeah, I’ve taken care of business on the Ag chapter front.  But, a month or so ago, I got a text from Shelly @ Milligan Ventures–“Do you want to do a Valentine’s Day sale like you have been doing?”  My reply–“Yes.”  However, I did not look at a calendar and realize that Valentine’s Day was on a Friday.  (Just in case you didn’t know, Friday is a bad day for an online sale.)  So, on Wednesday morning, I had Shelly movie it to Thursday.  Moving a sale date forward at the last minute is a dumb ass move and I went ahead and did it.  Yet, the sale went way better than it should have.  Nothing stupid high, a few bargains and some that sold right on the money.  It’s all good.  I don’t get too geeked up about what goat semen brings.  None of it makes sense.  So, in my world, if it gets a bid–that makes two happy parties.  One–the person that won the bidding.  And two–me.

I can tell you that there is a change in the weather around this piece of paradise.  It got butt-ass cold for the last 30 something hours.  We made sure that all livestock got a good drink.  What we didn’t worry about was show animals.  NOT ONE on the place.  No adding blankets or moving into a heated barn.  I did tell students to make sure critters were warm, got a good drink of fresh water and add bedding.

As much as I love good stock, I REALLY love being a retired show parent.  Have I mentioned that before?  I’m not sure.


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