So much….

I’ve got so much rolling through my skull and I need to not let all of it out.  I won’t say that we had a great OYE.  We did in places.  In others, well, it doesn’t feel great.

To start with, there is a reason that I agreed to teach again.  GREAT KIDS!!  And in order to get great kids, there is always a great set of parents.  People, I work hard, but I have to in order to keep up.

Backdrop and banner pics–yes, everybody wants these and I don’t like to be in them.  Kaylee Holt gathered two of these pics this week.  Res. Berk gilt and champion Berk barrow.  Home Raised.  And then did a cartwheel out of the limo!   Top that!   You can’t and I can’t.  Her dad and uncle help me a lot.   This family has been friends for decades and this girl is one of the very, very best.

Then there is the sheep part.  This Rodney Washmon is one of the best.  He and his crew are work horses.  They want to win but they will gladly help others.  The main reason that Duke showed sheep this year is the fact that he likes working with Rodney and Clayton Washmon.  Thank you for all the help.  The sheep show did not end like we wanted it.  Three different kids that were alternates for the sale.  None got in.  That will change.

Our cattle barn is different than most.  We have a family that has been to the top of the mountain.  Then, things changed.  I am SUPER proud of Tiffany Schultz and her son Gatlin Goodson.  They knew that they weren’t going to win with that home-raised steer but they worked and showed like they were.   And they were team players when it came time to setup or tear down equipment.  Great job people.  Home raised premium sale steer is bad ass!  Oh, and raised the bull that sired that steer.  Even cooler.

This cattle barn also has a family that is just starting, but the Dad showed numerous breed champions and premium sale steers during his career.  Plus, his dad is part of the south Fargo neighborhood watch patrol.  This Rakestraw clan is a positive to any team.  HUGE positive vibes going forward.  True team players.

Now, throw in one of my heroes–Hoss Manske and his crew–people, I might just go back to clipping a lot of calves.  The cattle barn requires a lot of work and managing egos, but this Shattuck crew is wicked good.  And who in the hell thought that feeding/buying cattle would be cheaper than goats or pigs?   Guess what?  It is.

In 2014, the goat barn at Shattuck consisted of Duke Kelln and Bree Taylor.  Two hall-0f-famers.  Bree moved on and did well, really well.  Duke is now done.  That leaves me trying to decide how to tackle the goat shows as an ag teacher.  That does not leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.  That should concern goat breeders.  Why?  We will address this at a later date.

Duke ended up with the 4th overall Hair sheep.  The Dorset came up lame the night before.  Lots of drugs and some magna-wave therapy and Honky still limped during the final cut in class.  He still placed but not near where he would have.  There was a halter malfunction with Duke’s class 9 wether goat.  This judge was all about first looks and we didn’t get a good first look.  Duke showed 5 animals on Wednesday and placed all 5.  No sale.  Wednesday felt like unfolding a broken lawn chair.  Nobodys fault but it wasn’t fun.  Congrats to Duke on work ethic, willingness to help others and just doing well.  As a dad, ag teacher, whatever, I am proud.

BUT…Kela flew in that afternoon.  Which helped heal all wounds.  The video of Tammy jumping out of the stands, right in front of Kela and Kela going do you get this “$h!t?”  And Tammy trying to answer, then realizing that it is her daughter is priceless.

Speaking of goat shows.  I look up and realize that the Dragon Lady was leaning on the rail talking to THE Ron Simonson.  WTH?   That old dog just happened to find the Dragon Lady.  But, guess what?  Last fall, I was gone judging a show.  I couldn’t go to KC.  Ron had sent me some pics and a price of a goat.  I sent Schoovy and Greg Boyer to pick this goat up and possibly another.  They came home with both AND BOYER KEPT THEM!!!!

How did that work out?  For me, oh well.  For Audra Boyer—AWESOME!!!!  She won grand at Enid District and made the sale at OYE!     I couldn’t be happier.  Great family.  Great, great kid.  Huge smile!   I like this kid a lot.  This story makes me feel good.  Almost as good as Greg with a glass of Maker’s Mark.

No.   Duke’s career did not end with a banner.  But he upheld his part.  They were well cared for and well presented.  I am proud how he handled defeat.  I will take him and give you the field when it comes to getting stuff done.   I am the weak link of this family and I know it.  I am super proud of what Tammy and I have to show for trophies.  We call them Kela and Duke.

Four scholarships–Duke, Gatlin, Kaylee and Sierra.  Four from one little school.  Shattuck Proud!

I wasn’t planning on teaching again, but am glad that I did.  I truly don’t know how much longer that I can do this but I do know that I when I leave, the cupboard is full.

Thank you to all that helped.  We have a lot of friends.


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