The 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live is on the tube tonight. Absolute huge lineup of mega stars are making appearances & reprising legendary roles.  I never get sick of Will Ferrel as Alex Trebeck.  Le tits now or let it snow.  Turd Ferguson.  Jeapordy done right.  Of course, I wish Chris Farley, John Belushi and Robin Williams were doing live appearances.

     The musical guests, the comedy, the political humor, the characters, the comedy, the strategery and did I mention the comedy.  Tina Fey as Sarah Palin still kills me.  Schwetty balls.  But the best will always be Swayze & Farley trying out for Chippendales.  I gut laugh every time that I see that sketch.

    One thing about it, you know that you’ve made it when you get to appear on SNL. With all of the huge stars and comedians gathered in one place for this event, just think of how fun the after party could be.  Oh, they had to censor Bill effing Murray.  And here comes the Blues Brothers with James Belushi filling his brothers shoes.  I think they need a goat on SNL.

     As I sit here and watch this, I am trying to decide if it is meant to be comedic or if it is just ironic that the 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live is being aired on Sunday night.