I got smoked Saturday night.  No, not like that.  I literally got smoked.  How?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I went to the pig sale in Woodward.  Ate the awesome breakfast.  Then I stopped at another farm sale.  Then I headed back to Shattuck to the Holt family pig bid off.  And that is where I got smoked.

The wanted to grill pork burgers and brats.  The weather was hit and miss.  It was getting colder and kind spitting rain.   So, Barcaly put his traeger inside his stock trailer.  Good plan!  Washmon and I fired the grill up and started throwing burgers and brats.  By the way, I love pork burgers.  I also really like brats.  And I really, really like dipping the broken pieces of either into some bad ass home-made fresh HOT salsa.

That traeger was packed with pork products.  Washmon and I were feeding the masses and inhaling smoke. And more smoke.  Oh, that smoke was providing a tasty flavor to the pig but it was also smoking us out.  The glass was out of the trailer but there wasn’t any air moving through it.  I stuck it out until all the food was cooked.  But dang dude.  I was smoked.

And I felt it the next morning.  My chest was still kind of full, my nasal passages weren’t quite right.  I felt sluggish.  I’m pretty sure that if you cut me open, I have the pink smoke ring of a well cooked smoked meat.  Washmon and I decided that next year, we will cook in the rain before we move the traeger inside the trailer again.

Welcome to winter.  It was fall for two days and now a killing freeze.  Finally had an evening that wasn’t wet so I put out hay, lots of hay.  Cows, calves and does all got fresh bales.  I put a creep feeder in with the mini herfs.  I don’t think that midget cattle were on the manufacturer’s minds when they built the creep gates.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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