For some reaon, our interntet has been S…..L…..O…..W….!     Bout had enough of it.  Sheared wethers and clipped some doe kids today for the sale saturday.  Selling a pair of really nice doe kids, 3 good wethers and 1 wether that shouldn’t be leaving this place.  But, I have a partner on his momma, so this Rainman x Wizard kid will be selling on Saturday at 1:30 at Milligan’s Small Town Sale.    

      Made it to Tulsa on Monday evening. I did NOT go to the worthLESS Monday afternoon meeting as–1–it was a waste of my time and 2–the Governer-to-be-in the next few years, Mr. Jack Staats told me to stay away from the new ag teachers.  Therefore, I had permission to NOT go to that set of meetings.  However, I DID attend the DJ’s shrimp boil on Monday evening.  That meal was killer good.  HUGE shrimp with dang good sausage, taters, corn & carrots….and they had beverages on ice.  Lots and lots of….way good dinner.  And I got to talk to lots of new ag teachers at said dinner.  

       Wormed a set of goats this morning.  Used levamisole.  I like using it this time of year as it is more broad spectrum than the rest.  It actually will get hookworms.  Of course, if you ever smell the stuff, I’m pretty sure it will get about anything.  You do need to be careful as you can OD a goat on this stuff.  Prohibit is a common brand name of this stuff.  Ten years ago, Prohibit worked real well.  And, when mixed, it looked like Mountain Dew.  Then, they took it off the market and when it re-surfaced it was a white powder–think Scarface–but now when you mix it with water–clear.  But it still smells like a bucket of donkey.  

      I’ve got way more piles of info to dispense, but this internet is slowing me down.  Wait.  What?  The spurs hired a woman asst.  coach.  SO?  Everybody knows that women actually teach fundamantels and learn the game.  A woman basketball coach…..alright, I bet it was a good hire.  This shouldn’t be news.  But..

      Here’s to hoping that none of you get bit by a copperhead.  And if you do, I hope you have honey to help you heal.  Get well quickly, Chanse.    Horseshoes & Shamrocks to a quick rebound.  

       And to the rest of you people that have no life or an addiction to reading this crap, thank you, good day and you are one day closer to me going all sideways on here.  It (me) has been well contained, but the lid may come off…soon.  Good Day!