Skin in the Game

Over the years, I have been asked numerous times, how come the doe shows aren’t supported like the wether shows at Tulsa & OYE.  It is a very simple answer.  The doe showers don’t do crap to help support the shows.  They have no skin in the game.  Wait?  What?

For starters, over the past 15 years, Tammy and I have worked and/or helped with numerous fund raisers for a variety of shows across Oklahoma.  We have been sponsors and/or buyers at OYE, Tulsa, SW district, NW District, Woodward District, Okie Coalition and the Champion’s Choice Jackpot.  We are not alone.  There are a couple of others that have done the same.  Without a doubt, it is harder to get doe showers to ante up.  Selling $20 buttons during the doe show is like selling bacon cheeseburgers at a vegan convention.

However, at the wether show, people are like “Here’s $20, leave me alone.”  When we used to have the Okie Coalition online sales, it would be John Stottlemyre, Jared Schneberger, Tommy Milligan and myself buying the products AND we also donated items to the sale.

Why don’t they have skin in the game?  A lot of the top end does (not all, but a lot) are loaners.  The people showing them didn’t have to put skin into the game.  I’ve had kids that have won district shows, state fairs, Tulsa, won 2 of 4 divisions at OYE, etc.  Most of those does were either raised by me, owned by me or borrowed from other breeders by me.  On the other hand, a wether showing family is already nuts-deep ($2,500 to $25,000) and what is another $20 for a chance to help the cause.

I am in no way saying that a doe showing kid works less.  Not at all.  I’m just saying that doe showers don’t support the shows.  Breeders included–They already are letting a doe be shown and didn’t cash a check, so why write a check.  (this isn’t true for all breeders but….if the shoe fits)

There is a reason that things like the Okie Coalition, Champion’s Choice and even the Lone Star Elite aren’t as strong or even in existence any more.  The few get sick of supporting the majority.

And this isn’t much different from today’s society.  I’m all for students showing doe kids.  But do NOT come whining to me when I don’t write any more checks to sponsor a doe show.  I’ve gave at home, at the office, online and at the shows.  Have you?  Some of you have as well.  If you haven’t, don’t gripe, don’t riot and do not complain.  Go out and actually buy a doe kid.  Put some skin into the game.

Part of me feels that I should read back over this post.  The other part is like,  eff that, I could say worse.

We caught a 1/4″ of rain.  Kind of like prom night, it wasn’t as much as was wanted but it was better than nothing.  Hopefully, there is more to come.

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