I don’t get sick very often, but for the 2nd time in a month, I have felt like stomped dog turds.  I haven’t been to a Dr. in years and I might have to start listening to my mother.  I haven’t missed work, but it has come with a price.  Stuff at home hasn’t got done like I would have liked.  I will deal with these consequences in June of next year.        I’ve also had several other deals taking up a bit of time.  These kind of deals actually make you step back and think about life.  Your life, my life, just life.  It really is simple, but there is always somebody else there to make it more complicated.  

      I spend a lot of time and brain-power dealing with stock shows.  I need to quit–thinking about stock shows..  The reason is simple.  Why?  Because I am a father.  And simply put, my decades of research have proven to me that fathers are the root of most problems in the stock show industry.  They are the ones that make it complicated.  Most kids will try to do their best, but because of unreasonable parental demands, they get sick of it and head another direction.  And it is normally the father doing the yelling, cussing and screaming.  I’ve been guilty.  Fathers are normally the ones talking at the feed store, knows other people in the game and willing to take that extra step (even when they know not to).  

1–They want the best one–normally as cheap as possible, but will always spend more if they are left in charge of the bidding.  They are horrible phone bidders, they always bid more if they know the person bidding against them and if they quit, they will wish that they would have kept going and by GOD won’t quit bidding next time.  

2–Even though they don’t need to do anything different, they are looking for that extra edge ( one more goat, another feed additive, that added advantage).  They can’t be happy.  They have always HEARD or just might be looking for that next deal.  

3–My sorting habits for other people are exceptional.  They hang lots of banners.  In this role, I do every thing that I can to get the right animals to the right kids in the right budget.  As a dad, I make mistakes.  I get hung up on gambles, genetics, letting the kid have a say in which ones to keep, and well, I paid too much for this one (because sometimes auctions are weird) we’ll keep him even though I should keep the cheaper (better) one and let somebody else have the high dollar one for pennies on the dollar.  Duke would be way better off if I stepped aside when it came time to sort goats.  

4–Dads can’t be happy with past/present results.  They are worried about who else is getting favors, extra help, etc, etc.  The past is cloudy (even though there are banners, buckles, plaques, etc.) but the future always look oh so bright if only we could do….  Athletics are the same.  

5–Most cheating problems were dad driven.  Look at the history of the one’s that have been caught.  Even if they were a jock, ag teacher, whatever, they normally get caught with their own kids.  Risks will be taken.   Once again, athletics have the same problem.  

      Why not mothers as the root problem?  Don’t get me wrong.  Some mothers can stir a whole mess of crap.  But as a whole, Mothers want their kids to look sharp, show well, do well and not get beat because the fathers screwed up.  However, a lot of stupid father decisions were the result of a griping mother wanting their kid to beat somebody elses kid.  

      I don’t write this blog in a light humour.  This is a serious topic for me.  Tammy and I have raised one kid while using the stock show program as a tool.  Now, we are nearing the final round with the favorite son.  I spend lots of time reflecting on what I could have done better.  When my reflections lead me to the only mistake(s) that I have made involve which goat we should have kept, then I am at peace with my (our) decisions.  It’s that simple.  

      As a dad, ag teacher, “jock”, helper, a$$hole, consultant, whatever you want to call me,  I can tell you without a doubt, that most problems in the stock show world were caused by the dads.  And it was actually better if it was just kept simple.  

       Of course, the scariest song that I know of was VERY simple.  Two notes–E & F–back and forth, dark and steady.  You don’t get much simpler than the theme song to JAWS.  I still can’t imagine sitting in a movie theater back in the 70s with that music playing for the first time.  

      No need to try to read anything else extra into these writings.  They are straight forward thoughts–actually, quite simplistic.