$ signs

In the stock show world, $ signs move the dial more than any single item.  More than banners, more than reputation…..$ signs.   Did you hear?  What did the sale average?  Who bought that?

As a breeder, I have sold more than my share of $5,000+ wethers.  I don’t remember being in a good mood on any of those.  Why?  As a buyer, I have bought too many $5,000+ wethers.  I don’t remember being in a good mood on any of those.  At that price point, there should be some kind of guarantee.  But, no.

On the other hand, when you sell a $500 wether, fine.  No stress.  If that goat wins a class, a county, makes a sale….GREAT!!  As a breeder, that $1,500 goat is the happy medium.  That doe was profitable that year.  Nobody is hurt too bad at $,1500 if that goat doesn’t win the big show.  Everybody involved has a chance to coming out on top.

But, then there are times, when you sell one for $500 or less, and it empties a pen which makes a seller happy, makes a buyer happy, a kid was able to hit their price point and ooohhhh snap!!  It’s all good.

I am done selling wethers in 2020.  I did not sell a Kelln born wether online or in a live sale this year.  I took ZERO pics.  I paid no commission selling wethers this year.  I sold wethers from $300 to $3,500.  It wasn’t a great year of selling goats, just a satisfying year.  Even though, there was a couple of times that I priced a wether at $300, then handled him and realized that I had just screwed up.  OK.  That will be a repeat buyer.

Sellling doe kids,on the other hand….ooohhh!   I need to find a buyer that just takes ALL of them at weaning time for a set price and remove me from the equation.

Peace out!  Have a good one today and a better one tomorrow.


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