I saw one of those memes with a picture of a baboon and the words “Common sense is not a gift, it’s punishment.  Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.”  I thought the baboon was appropriate.  I especially liked how his hair slowly blew in the breeze, kind of like some slo-mo commercial with some dang celebrity.

We recently had to buy a new fridge.  The last one did not last as long as I thought it should have.  We bought it in 2008.  It crapped the bed in 2009 (while under warranty) and had to be worked on.  Which was a pain in the ass.  I didn’t want that fridge and I never liked it.  It had a bottom freezer.  I hated it.  I especially hated it when we moved.  It had 3 doors to take off plus I had to deal with that sliding bottom freezer drawer.   It was a Kenmore which at some point in time was a name brand associated with quality.  When I opened that bottom drawer, I often thought of one of my favorite movies–Bull Durham.  The line was delivered by Robert Wuhl.  “Sears sucks, Crash.  I once worked there.  Sold Lady Kenmores.”

I like that movie a lot.  In fact, my brother Jake and I once owned a bull that we called Bull Durham.  He was an Ice Pick x Pistol Pete.  He sired breed champion steers and heifers at Enid and Woodward District Shows.  And he sired several class winning heifers and steers at OYE and Houston.  There are promotable bulls that didn’t sire as well as that guy did.

And now, we have a new Side by Side fridge.  Nothing fancy.  Just cold and easy to deal with.


Name me two other great movies that Robert Wuhl played in……..(feel free to hum the Jeopardy tune)   Another great movie called “Good Morning Vietnam”  and he also played in the 1989 Batman.


Stock is all tended.  The wind is cranked up.  The temps are dropping.  If the freeze earlier this week didn’t kill the sand plums then this one is going to.  I’m glad that I haven’t planted the garden yet.

Have a good one.  Stay warm.  And call if you have questions about the bucks.


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