Shout Out

This blog….hunh.  This deal is borderline retarded.  It is amazing at the number of people that actually read it and where they are from.  It is scary and it is humbling.  I get a laugh anytime I get a text, call or email regarding this blog.  

     To the contingent in the 602, I enjoyed the text and would like to do it, but we just can’t make it work this year.  Our fingers are crossed for next year.  

Met some new friends from Kansas this past weekend.  I do enjoy meeting new people and seeing kids that have that fire in their eyes that WANT to do well.  Mom even backed it up by asking good questions and calling me out when I said, “Get us a picture if you get a banner shot with that goat.”  Her reply, “What do you mean IF?!”  My reply,  “I like your way of thinking.  Get me a picture with a banner.”

     We’ve got a family squabble going on at this time of this fine evening.  The Dragon Lady is upset that the Cardinals are getting beat, Duke is giving her crap about which Red Sox cap he is wearing tomorrow and I just enjoy watching/listening to the game.  My life will go on no matter who wins.  

     Facebook…..I don’t want any part of that deal.  Had somebody tell me that I need to start posting on facebook.  I’m OUT!  I upset enough people without reaching out to “friends of friended people”.  Besides, the last picture that I looked at on facebook cost me a pile.  I’ll leave the facebooking to Helms.  On a side note:  I understand the facebook deal, I just don’t like the thought of my dumb ass being connected to that many people that quickly.  Seems a little dangerous.

       Shout out to those that want to use the word arrogant when describing me.  Look at the definition.  I don’t feel superior or have a sense of over-bearing self worth.  There are people better than me at most everything that I do.  However, I am extremely confident in my own abilities.  I am well aware of what I can and can’t do.  I know that I can’t dunk a basketball on a 10′ rim.  I know that I better be within close proximity of a toilet when I drink milk or eat ice cream, otherwise Staats has to pull over and let me out–while the pickup is still moving.  Talk about a humbling experience.  I have 3 or 4 positive attributes.  I am not afraid to work.  I do NOT care what anybody else thinks about me.  I do and will try to help those that are willing to work to be helped.  And I will have a LARGE time.    Oh yeah, I have a story about that extremely confident line.  It works real well if you can back it up.  

     By the way, the Dragon Lady hates this blog.  But, her phenomenal daughter reads it.  Duke, well, I’m not sure if he can read much yet.  I mean, he’s only 12.  Ha!! 

Speaking of work ethic, think how many Bostonians are not going to work tomorrow and very few of their bosses are going to care.  The Cask & Flagon is going to be crazy.  I’d kind of like to be there for the celebration.  

      My simple minded buddy Schoovy and his clone son are headed back to Kansas City tonight.  They are fired up about showing heifers.  I wish the Bedwell boys were there to help you.  Good luck!  No matter how it goes, F & FFH!

      Here’s a shout out to all those that help young people.  If we don’t help young ones do things right the first time, somebody will help them to do things wrong the next time.  In the words of my dad, “It’s a helluva lot easier to do it right the first time.”  

       Still watching the game.  Nobody does sports like baseball.  Sportsmanship, tradition, recognition where it needs to be, pre-game prayer,  National Anthem, veterans, 7th inning stretch with GOD Bless Americas, hot dogs/beer/ and hot chicks in the stands.  How about a story involving Fenway Park, Yankees/Red Sox, batting practice, styrofoam cup on a 20′ string and Mo Rivera?  Tyke has a story about pretzels, hot chicks, starting pitchers, cloning dad, beer, pony rides, etc. in St. Louis.   I’ve got a story about Denver, Coors Field, I wish I was single like Tyke was at the time, bachelorette party, decorations, Tyke squats to pee, etc.  Guess what?  Large time had by all. 

     Shout out to the ’91 world series–Braves/Twins.  Jack Morris, Kirby Puckett, Smoltz, etc.  Still the best world series ever.  And here’s a toast to my old friend Nick Pool.

Well, the series are over and the Red Sox win.  Why?  Probably because their manager is an OKIE STATE guy.   

     I’ll tell you some things that I miss….here’s a shout out to the good old days of quail hunting and OSU baseball in the college world series every year.

Speaking of shout outs.  Here’s to Rumour Has It.  He has come home to Fargo this week and he has been nailing some high quality tail.  It’s time to find out if he is good or real good.  He looks pretty confident in his abilities.