Seems like some of the recent posts have gotten a bit long.  Not this one.

Athletes are too glorified.  The nfl, baker mayfield and numerous others prove me right.  If they can’t act right…can their ass…no matter how good they are.  Too many $s.  The fans control it but won’t.

Hunting is a skill but sometimes, it too is a bit glorified.  Duke shot a really nice deer.  It was supposed to be the Dragon Lady that shot that one.  BUT…somebody got nervous and couldn’t shoot.  Duke said, “Get outta the way and I will drop him.”  Not exactly a science.

Duke and I pulled cidrs and gave lut shots to cows this evening.  Then I went and doctored a pig.  The combination of green cow manure and ripe pig shit mixed together on my clothes is not a pleasant smell.  At least I didn’t have to wrestle a buck goat today.

I have a blueberry pie and a banana cream pie and a cherry pie and an apple pie and a peach pie and a spiced custard pie….all made by some Amish families east of Tulsa.  I have to eat these before Thursday.  Oh, oh and Tammy ordered a bread pudding from Tiffany Schultz.  I either have to do some sit ups, start jogging or there is always another alternative.  I’m pretty sure that they sell a bigger size of jeans.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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