I don’t have a movie or a song that ties to the word “Serious”.  But it has gotten real serious in my part of the world.  On a whole lot of different levels.  Let’s change the subject.

       Some days, things get more serious than others.  I got my haircut today.  I’m a  lot like the Ray Stevens haircut song,  “When you get a haircut, be sure you go back home.”  I still go back to Waynoka to a great American barber, Darrel Gosney to get my haircut.  I’m pretty sure that he turns my hair gray, but he has clippers with a vacuum on it.  I love it.  I don’t care what the cut looks like.  It is a serious deal to just feel comfortable.  

      Sellilng goats is a serious business.  I have no complaints on tonight’s sale.  Some brought more than they should, while others didn’t bring enough.  As long as they go to good feeders, it all works out.  

      This gardening deal is serious business.  Some of the taters have been sprouted for weeks.  No problems.  Planted some maters last week.  They are already gone.  The rabbits ate them smooth off.  So, in a serious move, Duke lined the garden with some woven wire.  Then he came into the house to catch Foot-Foot and Foot-Foot-Foot.  Yes, it is serious business when Foot-Foot and Foot-Foot-Foot have jumped the cage and are loose.  I’m not sure if they are tame, wild rabbits or really wild, tame rabbits.  No matter, they are seriously cool and can’t believe that Duke and the Dragon Lady kept 2 of these rabbits alive.  

     This weekend gets serious around here.  I need to pick up some goats.  I need to work some goats.  I need to get somebody hired.  Tammy goes to California for Mother’s Day.  

     Thanks to all who bid or bought in tonight’s sale.  Thank You.