Semen Sales

In the cattle industry, it is all about moving LARGE volumes of a given bull.  Sure, there are a few that they can jack the price up; but as a whole, there are only a select few that command a high $ per straw.  However, like an artist, some of these can go up in price.  But, for the most part, cattle semen straws are $30 to $50 per straw.  No matter what, you can still buy semen on the best beef, dairy or clubby bull.

The hog deal has changed over the past decade.  Prices have gone up, but there are also guarantees for quality on some of that high end stuff.  Others….maybe not so much.  No matter, you can get a hold of almost all boars.

The sheep boys sell jumps.  A whole collection.  The right ram brings a pile for a jump and there is a waiting list for these top end rams.

These 3 species have one thing in common–a fairly high conception rate.

Goats—uuunhh?!?!?   Not so much.  But, we are all working to get better.  I’ve had good moments, bad moments and getting ready to have great moments!


I do know what it is like to sell stupid high $ semen.  Seelke’s and I have sold of Rumour Has It semen at a fair market price.   Some at $750 per straw.  And the buyers made money.  Cool.  I’ve had other bucks that brought more than $300 per straw.  I’ve paid a lot for some semen.  Cheap or expensive, I’ve had the same results.  Eeenh?  Not true.  I’ve always had decent luck with semen that was collected by reputable firms.  Horrible luck from HIGH end breeders with low rent collection locations. I’ve been an active participant in all phases of the market.  Sold high, bought high, sold cheap, bought cheap….all of the above.  I guess that would make me an addict?!?!


Here’s my point.   The highest selling goat semen seller in the wether game is not a big time player.  Very few high $ deals.  Almost no banners.  Lots of name brand genetics, good photos and most of his stuff is profitable.  That dude moves LOTS of juice.  There are a couple of big time breeders that move a lot of juice at a fair amount.  But, that market is limited.  They do not move the volume of that dude.


One of the largest companies on the planet is Wal-Mart.  We all know that wally world is a “shit show” but they move LOTS of product and can “stomp out” the competition in any given area.  This is not an unknown fact.  They move lots and lots of stuff.  You’ve shopped there. I have too.

Then there is the Lamborghini dealership.  We ALL know about a Lamborghini!  Yet, name a dealership.  You probably can’t.  How many have seen one in real life?  I guess the Millennium Falcon was a Lamborghini.  I haven’t seen it but I KNOW in my heart that it was a fast SOB that did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.  And if I ever wanted to fly it….well I have offered a shit pile of cash to pet a Koala and spent a pile on legendary goat semen….I digress.  Tammy would disown me if I had a chance to bid on the Millennium Falcon.  Yet, I’ve never seen it.

I’m not smart.  But I do not know anybody that owns or leases a Lamborghini.  However, I have seen a lot of Volkswagens on the road.  I also have seen a few Audi cars, never seen a Bentley or Bugatti, and I have only seen just a few Porsches in my life.   But…but…. guess who owns ALL of those name brands.  Yeah, the low rent deal–Volkswagen.  One of the most iconic cars of ALL time, yet nobody thinks of it as a name brand.  Yet, they own several iconic brands.


Study your genetics,  watch what is trending.  This IS a stock market.  Study. Follow.  Use common sense.  Do NOT reuse other breeder’s pics to RE-SELL the juice.  Get permission first.  Sure…you bought 4 straws of juice.  You did NOT buy permission for use of the picture of the sire.  Ask first.  Me…I’ll normally give permission.  But I am in the minority.  However, if you use a picture of Joe Dirt, I will sue your ass!


I hoped you learned something.  I always hope that I learn something.  Peace be with you and yours.



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