Technically, seaward means “towards the sea”.  

      In some vernacular, the C word is a naughty word.  I recently saw a comic of a boy in a spelling bee that got the word “Seaward”.  He was just going with what he heard and knew.  He started spelling C-U-  and the adults were like “NOOOO!!!”

       However, the big C word is Cancer.  I would bet that all of us have been affected by somebody close to them fighting some form of cancer.  We’ve had friends and family that have and are fighting the battle in various forms.  I watched and prayed as a brother went through chemo and had a kidney removed.  It kicked the crap out of him for part of a year but he handled it with grace and a mental strength that makes me proud.  Probably a stronger person than I am. 

      Currently, the Dragon Lady is in Houston helping her mom in a serious fight.  Things are looking up but let’s be real when you are spending weeks in Houston, the struggle is real.   Linda has been fighting for over a year.  And with resilience, family and lots of prayers, she will continue to get better.  She has to.  There are too many grandkids counting on it.  And she LOVES those grandkids!

        There are so many forms of cancer and so many different methods of treatment.  I don’t enjoy going to get the prostate probe but there is a history of it in my family.  Currently, 1 in 6 American males will get some form of prostate cancer.  But if there is a family history, that number moves to 1 in 2.  I.m not too proud.  So, a finger probe and then a blood test it is for me every year.  

        And while Tammy is gone to Houston, I am stuck living like a refugee in my own home.  They started the remodeling of her kitchen.  Now I have the microwave in the dining room, the refrigerator in my office and I wash dishes in the bathroom sink.  And yes, I have washed some bigger items in the bathtub.  All of the cooking is now done out on the carport–either on the griddle or the traeger– and the reheating is done in the microwave.  I’ll make do.  Actually cooked some wicked good pork burgers the other night.

       Recently, I have burnt some horns for various people.  Although I’m not kidding a bunch of does, I still have the tools and the know how.  I’m not saying never again but I sure enjoy not dealing with female goats.  The C word comes to mind. 

However, these commercial hair sheep are hands off.  We’ve had babies born and I have yet to touch one.  These things are hard to look at but easy to raise.  There is no doubt why the dorpers/hair sheep have taken over the commercial market.  Easy to raise, right up until you have to crowd them and sort them.  You better have your A game on when it’s time to handle them.  Calm they are not.  

       Prayers to all of you that are struggling and fighting cancer.