Screwed up!!

Our politics, society, economics, well hell, just about everything in the U S of A is screwed up right now.  I mean it’s as screwed up as Lt. Frank Drebin umpiring a baseball game.

This deal in Atlanta is way messed up.  How about this A O C chick in New York?  Shouldn’t a sitting congressional leader have something better to do than trolling teens on tik tok?

I came through Tulsa on Saturday afternoon.  I do not know how many hi pos, sheriff or Tulsa pd cars that I saw in the greater Tulsa area but it was a bunch.  Luckily nothing happened.

How about this OAN news network?  They got a pile of free press from Gundy’s ordeal.  Then they trot out this “White House Correspondent” at the Tulsa rally while wearing an OSU t shirt.  I bet I wasn’t the only one to google her name!  Chanel Rion.  Read up on her.  Fun to look at but reading her bio seems a bit out there.


I wanted to go fishing but NO!!!!  It had to be wicked windy….again.    Screwed up!  So, lets do something and rank the top fishing movies of all time.


#5–Classic book and a common movie–The Old Man and the Sea.  Everybody should read the book but not everyone needs to sit through the movie.

#4–A River Runs Through It–excellent story that always centers on fly fishing in Montana.  The ladies will like it because Brad Pitt is a main character.


#3–I love this movie but I had to put it #3–Grumpy Old Men.  Couple of old farts that like to ice fish, drink beer, cuss and feud.  Great movie with all time great actors/actresses.


#2–Grumpier Old Men–Who thought that they could improve but this is one of the best sequels of all time.  I love so many lines from this movie.  The bacon speech is epic.  The out-takes of Burgess Meredith using his pick up lines is off the hook.


And #1–it’s one of the best movies of all time.  JAWS.   It has to be #1.


I had to find my banders this weekend.  I also realized that I needed to order some new loops for wee bander.

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