Scourge, Smiling goat, WTH?

Scourge is not a good thing.  Being the scourge of something is negative and can cause discomfort, pain and suffering.

The scourge of NW OK is a plant called a sand burr.  It is a miserable beast of a plant.  It does provide some oxygen as it does complete the photosynthesis chemical reaction.  And it is amazing that it needs almost ZERO water to grow and thrive.  But they are tough to get rid of, a pain everywhere and you really can’t graze them.  Lots of dollars are spent trying to control or rid yards, pastures and fields of these native plants that are a pain in the ass.  And there is really not a quick or easy method to rid them.  Some chemicals kind of work.  Lots of management helps control them.

I thought of these sand burrs recently as I was looking at a 12 week old goat.  He’s a good goat that I like to look at and I really like to handle him.  But this time, he looked at me and smiled.  A smiling goat.  That should be a good thing.  But nope.  In this case, I knew that he had never smiled at me before.  So, I caught him and looked.  Yep, the scourge of the goat industry was causing his smile.

Soremouth.  Anybody that has dealt with sheep or goats knows what I am talking about.  It is miserable.  This one doesn’t have a bad outbreak but he does have some.  As a whole, I’ve been lucky and have always had somewhat mild cases.  I’ve seen 2 week old babies with it, does that had it on their teats, I’ve seen it all over kid’s bodies.  I’ve seen them when it looks like their bottom lip was going to rot and fall off.  With some management and luck, they get over it.  But not always.

Some vaccinate for it.  Some don’t.  All still get it.  It’s just to what degree and when.  Every breeder has dealt with it and will deal with it.  Like chicken pox, you want to get it and get over it quick.

Sand burrs and sore mouth.  I can get rid of a goat with sore mouth.  Sand burrs are a continual battle.  Both are a scourge.


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