Didn’t have to work. Nobody coming to pick up goats at the house, No sale to attend at which I would probably spend too much money. I don’t know what to do. Can’t sit around, so I think I will hop in the pickup and go pick up Freak on a Leash. He has been visiting some does and is ready to come home. Have a set of his babies that are 3-4 weeks old. They are starting to shape up and look promising. I’m really anxious to breed Joe Dirt to some Freak on a Leash daughters. Guess that will take a year.

Tammy and Duke stayed up all night at the Relay for Life. Another reason to leave the house. They will be enjoyable to be around this afternoon.

Got to get showmanship camps finalized and t- shirts ordered. I encourage parents to have their kids attend a showmanship clinic of some kind, somewhere; no matter what species they show. It is good for young showmen to work and watch experts. Kids always listen to other kids better than they do their own family. They will learn something and most importanty, they will meet new people. Even if they don’t attend an organized clinic, call a really good showman, breeder or ag teacher and ask for help. It will payoff. It might cost money, but it is money well spent.

I enjoyed the parents that came to camp with their kids last year. They sat back and watched the kids and also learned. Most of them asked me numerous questions. There was some really good discussions. And as everybody that knows me already knows, I will gladly give my opinion on any given subject.

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