Saturday AM

     Woke up this morning and remembered that I needed to give shots in order to sync does.  By 8 am, does had been gathered, sorted, shots given, chores done, wormed show wethers and back inside.  Some mornings just call for a pan full of Cocoa Puffs and milk.  Eat the cereal and then drink the chocolatey left over milk out of the pan.  Rewards.

     For syncing does, I’ve been using 2 ccs of lutalyse given IM.  Eleven days later, 2 more ccs of lutalyse.  Normally, they are in heat with 48 hours.  

     The weather has been pleasantly unusual.  Wednesday through Friday was overcast, cool and wet.  We recieved about 2″ total out of the 3 days.  We haven’t filled ponds, but we have moisture.  That is good.  Although, I am thankful for the moisture, goats do NOT like wet weather.  It doesn’t take much moisture and there will be snotty noses and nasty asses.  

     I think I will let these coca puffs & milk settle.  Then I am headed to an equipment, land and gun auction.  Have a good day.