What a day?  It started with Tammy and I planning on going to Wichita Falls, TX to attend the Champion’s Choice meeting.  I had to get feed.  I hadn’t checked the feed bin until Friday night about 8 pm.  Oh $h!t!  Somebody screwed up.  I had to get feed.  Hungry does aren’t fun to deal with.  It rained a 1/2 an inch about 4 am.   So, I did chores in the mud and then I hooked on to the feed wagon and headed to Vici to get feed at Sweet’s little business operation.  As usual, they took my money.

     By the time I got home and got stuff done, we were going to be late to the meeting.  Tammy really didn’t want to go as the weather news was calling for storms in western OK.  So, we stayed home.  We were going to go to the meeting then get a room, chill out and watch the Preakness then go celebrate our 23rd anniversary.  Yes, I have managed to put up with her for 23 years.  And if you read last week when we celebrated Kela’s 25th birthday….You do the math.  Yep, we got an early start.  But it is still working.  

     It rained again at noon.  Another inch.  I told Tammy if we didn’t have any weather, we would go to Canadian, TX and hang out.  But NO, it rained again about 4:30.  This rain had thunder with it and it was screwing with the DISH tv signal.  I was worried about missing the Preakness.  Another inch.  It quit just in time for clear reception.  And it was raining in Maryland also.  But as we watched and learned , American Pharoah is a mudder.  He won it going away.  Now, we’ll have to watch the Belmont to see if there will finally be another Triple Crown winner.

     After the rain stopped, I went outstide and realized that we had runoff.  The big pond was finally fillling.  I now have a plan, let’s get Kela’s kayak out of the barn.  I floated the goat pasture.  Water hasn’t run through that waterway in years.    Then Duke took a turn.  Paradise is green and we have water.  Everything is awesome.

      Then, Kela texted me in a panic.  She was at a music recital for her bosses kid.  Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters was also in attendance.  Must be rough, living in LA, watching a bunch of rich people’s kids singing.  They might be good, but I bet that I heard better singers the other night at the Shattuck spring concert.  

     It has been a good day.  But I want to eat.  Maybe I can take her to Charlie’s for an anniversay supper. Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks and hoping that all of you had a big fun kind of day.