Eventful day.  Got the 93 Chevy Van out of the barn and took it to Woodward for a much needed bath.  Later this evening, we will be at the drive in at Shattuck watching Transformers 4.  

      Had some Kansans here to purchase breeding does.  Nice family. Later, the hoof trimming lady showed up.  Stephanie worked like a sled dog and as usual was too cheap for her labor rates.  If any of you clowns are using her to trim hooves, then you better tip BIG.  

     The hired man is home from church camp.  The Dragon Lady cooked a killer KC stip meal served with a side of garlic butter (homegrown taters) and some picked fresh yesterday Ringwood Gold corn on the cob that Big Bill brought to us.  WAY GOOD meal!   

      The Dragon Lady and Kela are making plans for Duke and I to have a Kelln Kalifornia vacation in the near future.  Look out.