I watch a LOT of Law & Order.  That isn’t news.  But when dealing with any legal issues, there are certain areas that require a certain level of “privacy”.  There is a sanctity between spouses, therefore a wife can’t testify against her husband; unless, of course, she wants to.  Dr./Patient privilege.  Lawyer/Client privilege.  And of course, if you confess something to a priest, there is a sanctity of trust that is protected by law.  

    I left paradise just after 5 am this fine Friday morning.  I had two boys that were sitting in the ag pickup, at my house by 5 am, ready to go.  We headed to Enid.  First, we went to IHOP to get breakfast.  I like a breakfast sampler meal at the IHOP.  Then we went to the fairgrounds and bought OYE hog nomination kits.  We were there waiting for the place to open up.  Then we met a truck and picked up 500 poinsettias.  Then we made it back to school by lunch.  The plants are in the greenhouse.

      The thing about this trip and, thus this blog, is that it had been several years since I had to deal with the “sanctity of the ag pickup”.  I don’t know what it is about a road trip with kids in an ag pickup, but you will hear stuff.  You current or ex-ag teachers know what I am talking about.  At first, you kind of try to ignore some of it.  Then you listen because you are afraid that you heard what it was you just heard.  Then you just hope the next story doesn’t involve anybody that you know.  

      And it always starts off with, “Hey, I need to tell you this, but you won’t tell anybody will you?”  Most of it isn’t “dirty”, but some of it gets close.  Sometimes, they seriously need somebody to talk to and for some reason, this is the time and person that they trust.  I’ve got some very good friends that are former students and I’ve had some discussions in the ag pickup, going down the road, that I was honored to be the one that they felt like I was the person that could help them.  And there are some times, that I wanted to put my earmuffs on and not hear any part of it.  Especially, in Shattuck, America as there is a chance that I know or am related to somebody in the conversation.  Regardless of the topic, there is a certain sanctity that takes inside the cab of the ag pickup.  

     It’s Friday night and I’m headed to JB’s in Woodward to meet up with the Kelln Klan for an anniversary dinner.  Have a good one.  You can bet that I’m going to have several.