Sales rise and fall.  I have had a first row seat to the rise of online goat sales.  I have seen several goat sales that were started, lasted a few years and now no longer exist.  This weekend had three sales in OK.  The biggest crowd was the Saturday night sale in Perry.  The smallest crowd was at Norman.  For several years, this was the hottest goat sale in OK.  High priced doe kids, wethers and there was always a bargain or two.  This year, mostly bargains.  There were some really good goats that didn’t bring much money ( I bought several).

When that sale was first started, it seemed like the Fairgrounds was extremely happy to host an event such as that sale.  After a year or two, the flea market expanded and the goat sale was pushed to one side.  Then there was the year that all of the displaced dogs/cats from the Moore tornado were housed in the fairgrounds.  (Feeding time was a bit noisy).  Then a farmer’s market started taking place in the parking lot.

Now, I have perused through the  offerings of the flea market.  I even purchased a bunch of .22 shells a couple of years ago when those things were hard to come by.

This year, the flea market took up 3/4 of the fairground building.  Add to the fact, that the parking lot on the goat side of the building was under construction, so no access to those doors or parking spots.  Now, the Farmer’s Market has turned into a full blown market complete with their own building.  The goat sale was an after-thought and our trailers were in the public’s way.

But, that was the best farmer’s market that I have ever attended.  I bought and sold goats at this fairgrounds but I also bought 2 cantaloupes and 3 bushels of Webbers Falls sweet corn.  The cantaloupes even survived the trip home.  Just saying, that was an impressive feat for a pair of melons..all things considered.

All in all…a good weekend.  It could have been way worse. Trust me.

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